Tender eBidding Platform

Cost Efficient, Secure and Transparent Tender eBidding for YOUR NEXT PROJECT RIGHT HERE on the Pegasus eBid Platform with a Contract Management System (CMS)

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Why use Pegasus eBid?


Tender bidding would be time consuming and inefficient and it also have face-to-face limitations and a traditional contract management scheme

The objective of a CMS

  • Contractor & Consultant master list
  • Pre-Qualification & Registration work flow
  • Delisting, quarantine work flow
  • Performance evaluation work flow
  • Awarded contract status
  • Our Pegasus eBid is inclusive of Contract Management System (CMS)

Here is how this Platform can help You

Step 1



Contractor & Consultant profiling

work flow from submission

Realtime awared and approval status

Step 2



Reduce Cost, Best price wins

Reduce Time in never-ending negotiations

Transparent with Full eBid audit trail

Step 3



Fully analyzed Bidding record

How it looks

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